One way to help prepare your students is to examine the different tasks to see how they work and which micro skill is being tested. So, among other things, we will look at Multiple Choice questions in their various forms, and investigate how Classification differs from a Matching task; when to spot an exact word as opposed to understanding overall meaning. In the process we will discuss the theory underpinning the test and how this has informed the tasks.
Drawing on commercial IELTS materials, an overview of question types, some raw texts in need of questions and with input from the group, we will aim to come up with some useful strategies to take back to your IELTS classroom.

Brief bio : Clare McDowell

Clare’s career spans over 35 years of ELT practice, from classroom teaching to test design together with IELTS examiner training and hands-on test management.
She has been an item writer for a number of English tests and has a particular interest in the area of listening skills and how best to assess what has been understood by the listener.
She was Local Secretary for the University of Cambridge in Australia for 23 years, and oversaw the delivery of the Cambridge English exams which involved all aspects of test management.
She has successfully co-authored a wide range of course books with her UK based colleague Vanessa Jakeman for the IELTS classroom and self-study. These books enjoy world-wide recognition and include New Insight into IELTS, Action Plan for IELTS, Step Up to IELTS* and IELTS Practice Tests Plus** among others.
She lives in Sydney, Australia and offers consultancy services to the ELT sector including occasional lectures and workshops in the field.

* Published by Cambridge University Press
** Published by Pearson Longman

Date and venue

April 10th from 18:30 to 20:30hs
Universidad de Belgrano - Escuela de Lenguas y Estudios Extranjeros
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