- You will receive tips and training in what to do in each part of the exam with strategies that really work,
- You will practice with real exam materials,
- You will learn how to manage your time in each part,
- You will learn and practise appropriate vocabulary and language for each section,
- You will work with topics that commonly appear in the IELTS exam,
- You will gain in speed, confidence and accuracy as you practise with materials for each part of the exam.

The IELTS Online Preparation Course lasts 12 hours
This includes 6 hours of input and training with your tutor via webinar and 6 hours of work with training material, receiving constant feedback from the tutor on your performance and tips to improve.
You will also have access to our campus and be able to watch any webinar again or view any lesson you missed.

Please note:
This course is designed to orientate students in the IELTS exam and give tips and practice in managing different aspects of the exam. While you will get some feedback on language, it is not a course in General English.

Levels: All
Course start date and length: March 6th, 2017 (Four weeks)
To reserve a place / For more information: info@ielts.org.ar