IELTS Teacher Development Session in Neuquen

Teacher Development Masterclasses to revamp your teaching skills.

Session 1
Who is afraid of Teaching Writing? The Process Writing revolution in class with Jamie Duncan

Learners know that they have to write: often, they don’t enjoy doing it and we are reluctant to teach it. Fortunately, this isn’t the end of the story. This workshop will begin by asking why writing is frequently relegated to a homework task and then focuses on how we can help our learners engage in an interactive and enjoyable writing process, which makes for as communicative an activity as we want would all of our classes to be.

Jamie Duncan Bio
He was born in New Zealand and has lived in a number of countries before settling in Argentina. A life-long reader he is also passionate about current affairs and the way writers capture aspects of the society they live in. He has taught literature for IGCSE and A-level exams and has run a literature and culture course for the last three years. His favourite classes tend to be those involving vocabulary and lexis and he wants to share this passion with other teachers.
He recently launched a blog on words called A Moment for Learning

Session 2
Everything you need to know about IELTS with Florencia Clarfeld

Learn more about IELTS, the high-stakes English test for study, migration and work. Access resources to help you with test
preparation and find out about professional development opportunities through preparation of students, examining and research.

Florencia Clarfeld Bio
She has experience in different areas of ELT such as Business English, teenagers, and Cambridge exams. She is also teacher of Spanish for Speakers of other languages.
IELTS teacher for specific needs, development and continous assessment of courses in house and in external centres, development of materials for skill courses. Consultancy for universities. At the moment she is runing the How to Teach IELTS Online Course.

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Time: 8:15 to 13:30hs
Fee: $300 pesos

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