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Monthly courses at Paraguay 755, Piso 9, CABA.

Enrolment: send an e-mail to (tell us the version of the exam you need to prepare for: Academic o General Training).



IELTS Preparation Courses in Ciudad de Córdoba

If you are in Córdoba city , you can find IELTS preparation courses here.

Candidates' Experiences

"I think the IELTS Preparation course is highly recommended. The four components of the IELTS test were presented in an organized and clear way. The explanations and corrections were precise and the tips were good enough to answer the test correctly. Also, I think the campus was very useful to practise at home.
I am really happy not only with the course but also with my results!

I have already taken a course for other exam and an IELTS Course in a different institution. This one is the best by far. To start with, the material is excellent. Not only it provides you with a lot of exercises, but also you can read theory. This was new to me because in the other courses they gave me only exercises.
To sum up, I am really happy with this course. Although it's not an english class, I felt like I have improved my language a little bit. Next time I'll have to take the test, I would definitely go to IELTS Argentina.
Melina Gravagna (Band 7.5)

"I have already taken the exam in the summer. My result was an 8, (I had previously taken one 2 years ago, in which I had 8.5), so I felt quite happy at the time about it. As regards the course, I'm very satisfied. Everything was clear and I went into the exam feeling properly trained."

"I had a really good experience with the course, I found the teacher to be really helpful. I sat up for the exam in July 2016 and got an overall score of 8 (reading: 8.5, listening 8.5, speaking 8 and writing 6.5), which was the score I was looking for."
Viviana Montilla

"Definitely, the preparation course was useful for me because it had been about 10 years since my last English class. The course let us know the structure of the exam and some important tips about each part of it, pay attention to the time every part takes."
María Luz Aviles (Band 7)